Hubert Lenoir is a 23 year old singer-songwriter with good intentions. He grew up in Beauport, a suburban town of Quebec City.

As a kid, he quickly takes a liking to pop culture through television and video games. When he isn’t glued to the small screen, he wears his mother’s jewelry in secret.

In school, Hubert’s classmates dub him as a “freak” and as “queer”, although he prefers to see himself as a wandering soul. Then one day, he meets two freaks just like him. Together, they discover Donovan, Brian Eno, Elton John, and encourage each others to wear women’s clothing to class. All the while, melodies start popping up in his head.

Hubert then drops out of school and works odd jobs, including one in an assembly-line for a window factory. He sometimes sings in the streets as a public entertainer.

When he turns 17, he enlists his brother and two friends to start a band. In 2014, The Seasons release their first record, Pulp, to much commercial and critical praise. They then embark on a two-year world tour, gracing the stage in Berlin, Los Angeles and their native Quebec. Despite The Seasons’ success, Hubert still gives explosive performances on the public square.

Coming home after another tour, he spends a year filled with turmoils, insomnia, fast food and blockbusters, in which he pens and records Darlène, a concept album accompanied by a novel written by Noémie D. Leclerc, his best friend and lover.Darlèneis entirely dreamed up in Quebec City, where Hubert musters his R&B, glam rock, psychedelic, jazz and prog rock influences to create eclectic, volatile and bold pop music.

Darlène is a post-modern opera about a generation coming of age.